Dr. Pam Barnes-Palty

Licensed Pyschologist

Often when we imagine the process of pregnancy and having a baby we picture moments of joy.  But pregnancy, birth, and parenting are like the rest of life.  There is often joy, but there can be tough times too.  Sometimes pregnancy and postpartum depression, anxiety and self-doubt become overwhelming.  The unexpected happens, things don’t go as planned, relationships change, or grief and loss occurs.  If you have having concerns about becoming pregnant, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, pregnancy loss, or being a new parent, you are not alone.  Please know it’s not your fault, you can get help, and you can feel better.

Dr. Barnes-Palty, a licensed psychologist, provides a warm, caring, and high quality treatment for women, new mothers, partners, babies and families as they heal and grow through the good times and challenges of the perinatal period.  Therapy services include preconception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, parenting infants/toddlers, and perinatal loss.

What if the “most exciting time of your life” is a time of difficult experiences and emotions? 

Dr. Barnes-Palty invites you to call and schedule an appointment so that you do not walk through this time alone. 

Please reach out and take the next step toward healing and feeling better.  Feel free to bring your baby to your session to try out our rocking chair.


  • License No. and State: PSY-005015 Arizona


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